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CashForYourMac Corporate Headquarters was designed to offer fellow Mac users with a SAFE, FAST, and RISK-FREE way to sell their used MacBook, Air or Pro Laptops, iMac, Mac Mini or Mac Pro Desktops, iPhone 6 or 6s, Apple Watches, or iPads for the highest price on the web. Since October of 2002 (Over 15 years ago) we've been paying top dollar for used Apple computers from people just like you all across America. We buy MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iMacs, Mac Pros, iPads, iPhones, 12" MacBooks, Apple Watch and Mac Mini computer systems. Thanks for taking a moment to learn more about us...

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CashForYourMac is proud to be the highest rated online buyer
with over 3,000+ positive reviews in the past 15 YEARS!

Quick Facts about

  • is a registered business operating in San Diego, California. Our friendly support staff and purchasing team can be reached 24/7 by sending an email to us at or by calling 1 (877) 500-4439 during business hours. All shipments sent to CashForYourMac are securely delivered to our beautiful office via FedEx complete with our shipping insurance for your entire cash offer amount - meaning as long as you package your item in accordance with our shipping instructions, we guarantee your item will arrive safely, or you'll be covered by our shipping insurance in the rare event of shipping damage.

  •'s newest corporate headquarters is located in beautiful San Diego, at 3944 Murphy Canyon Rd, San Diego CA 92123 which is conveniently located off the Interstate 15 and Aero Drive. If you ship your Mac to us, you'll get live tracking info every step of the way and obtain free proof of delivery by visiting our Track Your Mac page. Our brand new showroom and retail location features a full selection of new and used Apple products, a support bar, a retail showroom, and customer lounge, and is centrally located near Interstate 15 and Aero Drive. Now you can bring in your Mac in person Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM until 4:30 PM. You can complete a Trade-In at our office and upgrade to your next dream system, all in one convenient location.

  • is proud to be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. With an A+ Rating by the BBB, you can rest assured you will be treated fairly with honest business practices, great customer service, and fast payments as promised. CashForYourMac takes our customer's satisfaction seriously, and will do what it takes to ensure you are fully satisfied with your experience selling to our company. What you will get from CashForYourMac is a REAL person to speak with and treat you as a valued customer, not just an automated response. Try us out today and you'll see why there's no easier way to sell your Mac.
    Click Here to View Our BBB Review on the Better Business Bureau website...

  • We're Proud to be a Top Rated Plus Seller on eBay - The Highest Rating Possible. We have 15+ years of 100% positive customer feedback and have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to sellers like you from across America. Established on October 9th, 2002 on eBay and with a perfect customer feedback rating ever since. We've very proud of our 100% positive customer ratings which we have worked hard to earn, by always doing what's right for our customers. View Our Full eBay History and see what others are saying about us.

  • In the past 15 years, we've been safely sending and receiving payments securely and safely and have been a Verified PayPal Business Account holder since April 30th, 2001 (That's 15 years ago!) Click here to verify our Account on PayPal website : To verify our identity using PayPal, account login is required.

  • We proudly issue all Business Check payments from our secure banking partner U.S. Bank, located at 1455 Frazee Rd #104, San Diego, CA 92108. You can trust our payments are official payment from U.S. Bank, the fifth largest bank in the United States based on $360.7 billion in assets.

  • We offer FAST payment via Apple Gift Card. Once your payment is approved, you'll be sent an offical Gift Card via US mail, valid for in store and online Apple Store purchases. Get your gift card within just 5-10 business days directly from Apple once your payment has been approved by our inspection team. There are NO FEES for Apple Store Gift cards, so you'll get a gift card for your FULL cash offer!

  • All electronic and printed shipping labels we send are FREE and FULLY INSURED by CashForYourMac for the FULL cash offer amount plus shipping for added peace of mind. That means you're fully covered by our Shipping Insurance in the rare event that your shipment is damaged during shipping, as long as your package is packed properly to meet shipping insurance eligibility (see FedEx shipping guidelines for instrutions on how to properly ship). It is important to package your item(s) securely in an oversized, sturdy box with many layers of bubble wrap and plenty of packing material. Shipments sent to CashForYourMac that are not properly packaged to meet our insurance guidelines may be ineligible for shipping insurance claims.

Our #1 Mission: To Provide Our Customers with the Best Selling Experience

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with your experience selling your Mac to We are committed to providing each and every customer with responsive and friendly customer service, fast guaranteed payments, and no-hassle free returns, should you decide to cancel the sale of your Mac. In the past decade, the founding team of CashForYourMac has kept an unrelenting commitment to delivering only the best customer service, achieving a prestigious 100% customer satisfaction rating on eBay and countless positive customer reviews raving about our service.

Count on world-class customer service at each and every step of the process with fast, friendly, honest communication. We will always do what is right for our customers, taking steps to ensure you are fully satisfied with your experience selling your Mac to us. If you are not happy, we will do everything in our power to make it right. CashForYourMac always pays for FREE FedEx shipping, and we fully insure all items to against shipping damage (*packages must be properly packed in accordance with our shipping instructions to be fully covered) ensuring safe delivery of your Mac, so you don't have to worry about shipping damage, as long as your items are properly packaged. If you decide not to sell your Mac at any point, we will safely and securely ship your Mac back to you at no charge via FedEx in a safe and fully insured shipment.

Mission #2: To Pay You MORE CASH for your used Mac or iPad

When you request a free cash offer quote from, we guarantee that you will be paid in full the exact GUARANTEED CASH OFFER PRICE that we offer, in just 1-2 business days after we have received your Mac as you described. No haggling, no hassles, and no disappointments - just fast, friendly and guaranteed payments. issues Verified PayPal Instant Payments and Business Checks from our banking partner U.S. Bank, and will deliver your payment to you quickly and securely. (Read more about our several guaranteed Payment Options ) We will gladly ship your check payment to you via Priority Mail, Certified Mail, or FedEx Priority Overnight, to get your payment to you as quickly as you need.

Most importantly, we will always honor the Guaranteed Cash Offer prices that we send to our customers, without any "bait and switch" tactics like many websites do today. Many websites will try to get your business by generating a very high instant quote price on their website, but then will lower that price once they have received your Mac. That is NOT how we do business. Read actual customer reviews and see what others are saying about us. You decide how you want to be paid, and we guarantee that you will receive it in full in a timely manner. There is no easier or faster way to get more cash for your Mac.

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Buying Macs from all across America since 2002!

We have over 15 years of positive customer reviews, and have paid out millions of dollars to sellers like you from all across America. Our e-commerce history started way back on October 9th, 2002 on eBay and since then we have received nothing but a 100% positivie feedback rating for over a decade. This was EARNED by always DOING WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR CUSTOMER to ensure they leave the table 100% satisfied - always.

Selling your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch has never been easier or more profitable. By specializing in buying and selling only Apple computers, we're able to offer true market value and top dollar for these amazing devices. There are a lot of websites and companies willing to buy your electronics online for pennies on the dollar. Don't settle for a low ball offer when will pay you the real value of your MacBook Pro Laptop, iMac, iPad, Mac Mini or Mac Pro.

To find out exactly how much your Apple device is worth, click the "Sell Your Mac" button at the top, select the product you wish to sell, and complete our fast and easy questionnaire describing your Mac. Our Apple Product Specialists will review the details of your Mac or iPad and calculate the current market value of your item, and send you a guaranteed cash offer price which is locked in for 30 days.

To get paid quickly simply click the "Accept Cash Offer" link in our Cash Offer email, and we'll immediately email you a pre-paid FedEx shipping label (complete with our shipping insurance) for sending in your Mac. You can track your Mac shipment easily on our website by clicking the "Track Your Mac" page. You'll see live updates every step of the way, including delivery confirmation. Within 1-2 business days after we have received your Mac as described, we will send full payment of your Guaranteed Cash Offer amount via PayPal or U.S. Bank business check. Read more about the Payment Options we offer today and Get Your Free Cash Offer now.

How it all started: Company Background

Since October of 2002 (that's well over a decade) the founder of CashForYourMac has been been buying used Apple computers from people just like you all across America. In the past 15+ years we have grown to become a LEADER in Re-Commerce of Apple systems nationwide.

Our team members are highly trained and knowledgable with all things Mac related because we spend all day, every day living and breathing Apple technology. Our Apple history started all the way back with the Apple LCII! Since then we have owned and extensively used nearly every Apple model to come out of Cupertino, from the first "all-in-one" eMac, all the way up to the newest "5K" Retina iMacs and Mac Pro desktops.

What started way back then as a hobby quickly evolved into a booming business for all things Mac. With extensive knowledge of a wide variety of Apple computers, our founder decided to start a business to make it EASY and FAST for people all across the country to sell their used Apple computers for the most cash, without all the hassle and risk of selling on eBay and craigslist (which he has experienced first hand for over a decade). helps fellow Apple users and fans across the country easily sell their used Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini desktops, MacBook laptops, iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches for the MOST cash online, ultimately to help them upgrade to the newest and best Apple products available on the market today.

To learn more about our dedication to paying TOP DOLLAR, read our price match guarantee page.

Why Should You Trust

Over 15 Years of Satisfied Online Customers

Since October of 2002, the founding team behind received nothing but 100% POSITIVE REVIEWS from customers across the country, in nearly every state. Customer satisfaction, honest business, and great communication are standard business procedures for us. At, we always treat customers how we would like to be treated, and the feedback we've received reflects those commitments.

Feel free to visit our eBay feedback profile to read our full feedback profile. When you do business with, we guarantee you will be treated with the highest level of respect and honesty at every step of the process.

Below is a small sampling of actual customer feedback we've received:

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Everything went very smooth and it took about two weeks for everything to go through and for me to get the check. They responded to any questions I had very quickly and everyone was very nice. Great website!

Sold a MacBook Pro Retina 13" for $840.95 on 5/17/2016—Emily, Baton Rouge, LA

I was nervous about sending in my MacBook Pro, but after the quick response, timely payment, and excellent customer service I received, my nerves were calmed. So much so, two weeks later I sent in 2 IMACs and the service was just as superb considering we had some issues with shipping. Cash for your Mac is professional, honest, and provides a great service.

Sold an iMac 21.5" for $926.95 on 5/13/2016—Kieron S., San Francisco, CA

Great experience. Best offer i could find on the web.

Sold a MacBook Pro Retina 13" for $930.95 on 4/26/2016—Mike F., Oak Park, IL

This process was so easy! I just packed up my stuff and sent it off and two days later they mailed me a check. It was fast and friendly. I was offered more through Cash for your Mac than any other site and I just cannot believe how easy it has been. I will be back!

Sold an iPhone 6 Plus for $330.95 on 4/7/2016—Leanne S., Charlotte, NC

I was pleased with the offer, and the speed of payment. I had to get a couple of questions answered before the process was completed ... one was about software on my iMac, and the other was about the method of transferring funds to me. Once both of these were cleared up, it was very easy.

Sold an iMac 27" for $430.95 on 3/30/2016—Eric V., Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you very much for the quick turn around!

Sold an Apple Watch for $430.95 on 3/30/2016—Jonathan H., Bridgewater, MA

I'm very happy I found CashForYourMac. I used their form to fill out information about my Mac honestly. Then sent my Mac in following their instructions. The guys are FedEx were also very helpful. A few days after receiving the Mac they reviewed it and sent me a payment confirmation for the same as they had originally estimated (because of my honest answers). Then they cut me a check in 24 hours and it shipped in a couple of business days. Easy!

Sold a MacBook Pro 13" for $320.95 on 3/29/2016—Bryn S., Columbus, OH

This process was very simple and the person I worked with was very helpful. I was really nervous about trying this at first but everything worked out great.

Sold an iMac 27" for $540.95 on 3/22/2016—Robert D., Bixby, OK

This process was very simple and the person I worked with was very helpful. I was really nervous about trying this at first but everything worked out great.

Sold a 27" iMac for $540.95 on 3/22/2016—Robert D., Bixby, OK

Quick payment, very good and straight forward experience.

Sold an iPad Pro for $650.95 on 3/21/2016—Jose P., Boulder, CO

CashForYourMac has provided an excellent and fast service. Their cash offer was fair and good. The instructions were clear. They confirmed the receipt of my Mac immediately, checked it in two days and issued a check in two more days and I received it two days later. Excellent Service! Thank you.

Sold a 13" MacBook Air for $650.95 on 3/21/2016—A.K. E., Portland, OR

Cashforyourmac was a great experience for me. I was in need of a buyer for my apple watch and they offered the most cash for it. The process was easy and quick. Will definitely do business with them again if i need to.

Sold an Apple Watch for $216.95 on 3/15/2016—Connor G., Norwalk, CT

I've sold 3 computers to CashForYourMac in separate transactions, and it was terrific service every time. Easy to get a quote, and simple to ship my computer with the pre-paid FedEx label from CashForYourMac. The status emails through the process were great, and timing of the process, and amount of payment was exactly as promised. Couldn't be happier.

Sold a Mac Pro for $720.95 on 3/11/2016—Patrick O., Los Angeles, CA

I had a slightly used Mac Book Air that I had replaced with a Mac Book Pro. My Air was in really good condition. I tried eBay. What a disaster! I found CashForYourMac during an online search. I gave it a try, not knowing much about such online sales of computer equipment. I have been entirely satisfied with their service. They have kept me advised each step of the process, and did just exactly what they said they would do. I strongly recommend CashForYourMac.

Sold a 13" MacBook Air for $530.95 on 3/11/2016—Dennis S., Canton, MO

That was quick and easy processing. Prompt pay for my computer.

Sold a iMac 20" for $130.95 on 3/4/2016—Grace J., Pasadena, CA

Easy and convenient!

Sold a iPad Mini 1 for $90.95 on 3/2/2016—Cynthia T., Santa Barbara, CT

Really enjoyed my experience working with CashForYourMac. They gave me a very competitive offer, and were very responsive to questions. Turnaround time was exactly as promised and I received my check in just a few days after valuation. Will definitely do business with them again.

Sold an iMac 27" for $1,005.50 on 2/16/2016—Aaron L., San Francisco, CA

Overall fair price in comparison to going market value. Good communication. Excellent selling experience. I plan to sell to CashForYourMac again in the future.

Sold a White MacBook for $110.95 on 2/5/2016—Julia C., Washington

I appreciate your feedback and follow ups. Quick and easy service!

Sold an Apple Watch for $200.95 on 1/13/2016—Jacob R., Riverside, CA

I got a quote (the best I was able to find) for my laptop on Christmas day. Sent it out the following Monday. Was received a week later and 24-36 hours after that I had my Apple gift card. Placed an order on using the gift card this morning for a new Macbook Pro. Very pleasing experience. All in all, dealing with Cash For Your Mac has been a very pleasurable experience and if the need arises in the future, I will definitely be a return customer.

Sold a MacBook Pro 17" for $700.95 on 1/7/2016—Jamie M., Tyngsboro, MA

I requested a quote and received a shipping label. I sent my IMAC on December 20th. I received notice that the computer arrived intact on the 28th, and was being inspected. Two days later another notice came that they were sending me the full quote. Received payment about a week later. Great Service!

Sold a iMac 27" for $340.95 on 1/6/2016—Allen M., Chicago, IL

Top notch company! From the initial quote to depositing the check in the bank, the entire transaction was flawless! First of all, the quote for my iMac was better than any other site. They sent emails, letting me know they had received the shipment, letting me know what stage of the processing they were engaged in, and when the check had been mailed to me. Very impressed!! Thank you, Cash For Your Mac, for the professional and quality service.

Sold a iMac 21.5" for $670.95 on 1/5/2016—Ken J., Bennet, NE

This was an extremely positive transaction. I obtained my online quote, got the free Fedex label, boxed up my iMac in its original box & sent it to you. You looked at it very quickly & deemed your original quote to be accurate. I had my check in less than a week. Thank you very much! I have already recommended your company to other Mac-owning friends. Well done.

Sold a iMac 27" for $590.95 on 1/5/2016—Carol K., Costa Mesa, CA

The customer service of this company is great. They are quick to reply to emails. Will use company again in the furture.

Sold a MacBook Pro 13" for $175.95 on 12/18/2015—Olivia D., Barrington, NH

Seamless experience. CashForYourMac is one of the few places I've found that are taking Apple Watches. I was offered a fair price, shipped it off via the included FedEx label and within 48 hours of my package arriving the money was sent to my PayPal account. I'm quite pleased with the whole process.

Sold a Apple Watch for $190.95 on 12/17/2015—Gordon D., Denver, PA

Legit ..Fast.. Responsive!! When your selling a device worth what a Mac can cost you get worried if the other party buying it is legit... this team is for real and amazing. Great job to everyone at will have my business going forward!

Sold a 13" MacBook Pro RETINA for $1,085.95 on 10/20/2015—Jonathan F., Hanover Township Pa

CashForYourMac offered the best price for my MacBook Pro. Any questions that I had regarding shipping my laptop, was replied to within 24 hrs. I appreciate the prompt response.

Sold a 13" MacBook Pro for $325.95 on 10/14/2015—Jodi A., Fort Myers, FL

Great experience, went smoothly - highly recommend!

Sold a Mac Mini for $330.95 on 10/13/2015—Bryant S., Newburgh, IN

This was a great business transaction. From securing my package with insurance to giving me the highest price offered, I appreciate doing business with y'all.

Sold an Apple Watch Sport for $150.95 on 9/30/2015—Alec L., Toms River, NJ

This is the second time I've used Cash for your Mac and they have been quick and detailed both times. I will use them again when the time comes.

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro RETINA for $840.95 on 9/29/2015—James L., Newport Coast, CA

Great experience with CashForYourMac!!! I was hesitant on using an online business to sell my mac to, but CashForYourMac did everything right! First, they gave me the highest cash offer over all other sites. Second, they provide a prepaid shipping label that you can print and ship with ease. Third, they DID NOT haggle with the price they quoted earlier, saying something like the computer was not in as good of a condition as stated. This is a common problem I have when selling things back to amazon. CashForYourMac kept true to their original quote. And lastly, they had excellent customer service by answering my questions within minutes and they sent my check super fast! I would recommend to anybody selling their mac and would even recommend it over private party transactions.

Sold a 13" MacBook Air for $465.95 on 8/28/2015—Bryce H., Anaheim, CA

The entire process went just as promised. I was very pleased with the response time and instructions provided by Cash for Your Mac.

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro for $410.95 on 8/26/2015—Karen W., Medina, OH

Response time was very fast. I was confused on the condition of my macbook and they worked with me to get me the most money possible. Great customer service!

Sold a 13" MacBook Pro for $180.95 on 8/20/2015—Alec L., Venice, CA

I had an excellent experience with I was weary of all of those other sites online, but after having done business for the first time here, I can safely say I will forever sell my products here first. Very communicative responses, rapid replies, and genuine nice crew.

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro Retina for $260.95 on 6/16/2015—Taymour K., Houston, TX

My experience was extremely positive. Getting a quote was easy, the instructions and lable for shipping came quickly, receipt of the computer was confirmed, amount of payment was confirmed and check was sent. They delivered everthing they promised and their price was extremely competitive.

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro Retina for $1,325.95 on 6/9/2015—Gregory W., Coopersburg, PA

I had a great experience overall. They communicate well, they offer and say what they mean. I appreciate it. Thank u :-)

Sold an iPhone 6 for $450.95 on 6/8/2015—Jamie Z., Austin, TX

Great experience! They offered the best price (by over $100) for my iMac that had been sitting around unused . The communication was excellent, they did absolutely everything they said they would and we just used the Apple Store gift card to help buy a new MacBook. Thanks!

Sold a 21.5" Apple iMac for $415.95 on 6/4/2015—Jeff B., Portland, ME

Awesome customer service and made it extremely easy trade with purchase as well as payment. Highly recommended and would gladly trade again.

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro for $445.95 on 5/18/2015—Amit T.,Henderson, NV

CashForYourMac is very generous and efficient. They provided the best offer I could find for my laptop without the hassle of putting it up on craigslist. They were also responded very quickly to my inquiries and the entire transaction was completed in just about a week.

Sold a 13" MacBook Pro Air for $475.95 on 5/13/2015—Adam B., Tuscon, AZ

Fast and Easy! Service as expected!

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro for $350.95 on 5/6/2015—Ian B., Waipahu, Hawaii

An amazing experience! Received payment in excellent time as promised. Customer support over the phone was courteous and helpful. I will definitely use this company again. I can't speak highly enough of

Sold a 13" MacBook Air for $700.95 on 11/26/2014—Christopher H., Gig Harbor, WA

Great working with these guys. Fast response for a quote. Fair price, good follow-through the whole process. Had my check two days after approval that they had the computer. Will think about buying from them.

Sold a 27" iMac for $445.95 on 11/14/2014—Dan E., San Clemente, CA

I appreciate your honesty. You guys are running a business the way it should be. Not only did you let me know my item wasn't as described but you sent proof. Service was fast and friendly.

Sold an iPad Air for $340.95 on 11/13/2014—Sheri B., CA

My first time selling something and cashforyourmac were great. Was able to change my payment option with no problem. As I upgrade my devices I will be using cashformymac exclusively. Thanks guys.

Sold an iPad Air for $275.95 on 10/27/2014—Shannon, Los Angeles, CA

Top of the line service, easy transaction and payment, totally recommended!

Sold a 13" MacBook Air for $555.95 on 9/10/2014—Alessandra, San Francisco, CA

Move over Gazelle. is a serious contender to become THE place to sell your used Apple products. They were fast, efficient and friendly from start to finish. But the most important difference between them and Gazelle is they offer much better prices for your products! Their website has more detailed product information to help appraise your product, which is an issue I have with the competitors. This is part of the reason they're able to offer a more accurate price. Check out! You won't be disappointed!

Sold a 27" iMac for $2,000.00 on 1/18/2014—Aaron E., Durham, NC

This was about the easiest transaction ever! The quote came in very promptly and was better than others I had received. Once I accepted the quote, the shipping label and instructions, which were very clear came very quickly to my inbox. I dropped my shipment off at a FedEx shipping center and tracked my Mac all the way to CA. I received a notification that it had been received and would be checked in the next day or two, which it was. I received another email after the shipment had been verified that I would receive my funds via PayPal shortly (which I did). I plan on selling other Macs to this company in the future! Everything was perfect!

Sold a 20" iMac for $145.95 on 2/11/2014—Susan B.,Gray Court, SC

Using was incredibly easy! We had an older Mac that was a bit harder to sell. All I had to do was submit the specs, and we got an offer back right away. Once we decided to take it, we simply printed off the shipping label and dropped it off at FedEx. We heard back and got paid really fast - only took a couple of days.

Sold a 15" 2002 iMac for $75.95 on 2/04/2014—Liz G., Plano, TX

I was at first skeptical about doing this since I was not familiar with the company or selling this way. I did a little research and decided to go for it. After checking some reviews I decided to accept their offer and select their business check as payment since their was no charge for this type of payment. Their offer for my mac was more than any other place (even Apple) so I went for it. The company stayed in touch by email every step of the way. The business check arrived in ten days. Very good company. I would definitely recommend them and do business with them again!

Sold a 13" Macbook Air for $550.95 on 1/10/2014—Janet W., Knoxville, TN

Just 6 days from initial email quote request to a check in my mail box. Best used equipment sale I have ever had. Can't recommend CashForYourMac .com highly enough.

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro RETINA for $1,626.95 on 1/06/2014—Timothy H., Huntington Beach, CA

This was an outstanding experience. Not only did they give me the best price of any site out there but the back and forth communication is excellent. I certainly will only be using them in the future.

Sold a Mac Mini for $405.95 on 1/10/2014—John C., Monroe, NY

I had a great experience using They gave me the best price for my old MacBook Pro and it was a simple, easy process to send it in and get my money.

Sold a MacBook Pro for $585.95 on 12/04/2013—Lisa H., Dallas, TX

I've used multiple times and they have great prices and good service.

Sold multiple MacBook Pros totaling over $2,000 since11/2/2013—Brian B., San Diego, CA - Return Customer is great! I sought out quotes for my Mac laptop from several "sell a mac product" type sites. As a matter of fact, I received a better quote from another site. Then I remembered that would match or beat any other offers. I simply responded to my quote the details of the other offer I received and bam! best the higher quote by $10. On top of that paid for my shipping costs. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Keep up the great work Team! You rock!

Sold a 15" MacBook Pro for $1,390.95 on 11/16/2013—Terri S., Detriot, MI

Got the best price for my MacBook with no "games" or "bait and switch." Payment was prompt as promised. I already recommended you to my husband because he wanted to sell his MacBook, and will recommend you to other people.

Sold two 13" Macbook Pros for $1,210.95 on 11/03/2013—Marni P., Phoenix, AZ

Great experience every time! I would highly recommend Cash For Your Mac to everyone!

Sold an iPad Mini for $240.95 on 10/08/2013—Jeffrey S., Minneapolis, MI - Return Customer was truly a pleasure to deal with! Fast response to my original inquiry, received a fair quote and was paid promptly upon receipt of my Mac. Hope to do business with again...highly recommend!

Sold a 20" iMac for $245.95 on 10/02/2013—Samantha W.,Denver, CO - Return Customer

Purchasing went smoothly, price quoted about 70% higher than Apple offered for an iMac duo core 2009. Company accepted computer after their inspection on 11/8/13 for the offered price. Thank you !

Sold a 21.5" iMac for $390.95 on 11/16/2014—Michael F., Fond du Lac, WI

Very pleased with the smooth experience selling my 2009 iMac. Great communication, payment within 24 hours of computer receipt.

Sold a 21.5" iMac for $375.95 on 6/25/2013—Brian M., Berwick, IA

This is just a small sampling of our recent customer feedback.

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