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The Greenest Way to Sell or Recycle Your Used Apple MacBook Laptop, iMac Desktop, iPad, iPhone

CashForYourMac Environmental Mission

CashForYourMac is proud to offer the MOST eco-friendly way to sell or trade-in Apple products. Our website allows anyone across America with a safe, fast and easy way to sell or recycle their used Apple devices online, with free shipping and zero risk. Our company is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact and waste associated with manufacturing and disposal of electronic devices. With more than 1 billion active Apple devices in use around the world, there is a growing need for an environmentally friendly way to sell, upgrade, or buy Apple products online.

CashForYourMac buys all types of pre-owned Apple devices, restores them to certified pre-owned condition, and finds new owners for these devices that may otherwise have ended up as e-waste. We're dedicated to offering consumers with the greenest way to sell, trade-in, or recycle their devices.”
- Jeff H., Company Founder

With each sale to CashForYourMac, you are helping to prevent the waste and air pollution associated with the manufacturing of a new device.

When someone buys a pre-owned device, there is zero manufacturing waste or impact, it is carbon neutral, and helps to conserve our planet's valuable resources. When you sell your device to CashForYourMac, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your device is going to be restored and used for many more years, after your device has been securely erased of any personal information.

CashForYourMac is also committed to responsibly re-using all shipping materials that are sent to us, minimizing our usage of raw materials, and preventing thousands of boxes from being wasted. We use eco-friendly recycled and bio-degradable packaging materials when needed, and recycle all waste in accordance with state and federal laws.

Don't let your used Apple device add to the 41 million tons of electronic waste annually...

Our Environmental Mission:

Reduce Waste and Air Pollution:

Buying pre-owned prevents the waste and air pollution associated with producing new electronics; it is carbon neutral, and helps to conserve our planet's valuable resources. Manufacturing these devices requires hazardous rare earth metals that are toxic for the environment and for humans.

Prevent E-Waste from Landfills:

For devices that cannot be resold, all usable internal device hardware is salvaged, inspected, tested and re-used. We responsibly sort and recycle glass, metal, and other components to minimize the amount of waste ends up in the landfill.

Re-Use & Recycle Packaging Materials :

The company re-uses all shipping boxes and packaging, preventing most of the waste associated with e-commerce. All Apple devices purchased are put through a comprehensive inspection, restored to factory condition, and then re-sold with a warranty and guarantee.

Minimize Our Carbon Footprint :

Everything we do at CashForYourMac revolves around the dedication to re-using and recyling, we are proud to have a minimal carbon footprint as a result of these efforts.

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