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CashForYourMac Founder Jeff

My name is Jeff, and I am proud to be the founder of CashForYourMac and Quality Macs. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about how the idea for CashForYourMac was born, and how we've worked hard to become a leader in the re-commerce of Apple products nationwide.
The Original 1984 Macintosh I was born in 1984, ironically the same year that Steve Jobs introduced the original Macintosh computer to the world. Little did I know at the time how big of an impact Mac would make on my life...

Macintosh User for 24 Years

In 1992, at the age of 8 years old, my parents bought our family an Apple LCII, and Apple LC 2 II - Our Founder's First Mac so began my obsession with Mac. In high school I had an opportunity to learn Photoshop on our school's iMac, and I was hooked. I decided then to become a designer for my career. I loved how on a Mac I could design entire websites and share them with the world online easily. In 2001, I had an idea for a website where users all across America could easily sell anything online, laying the foundation for what would later become CashForYourMac. Insufficient Funds
Soon after heading off for college, I found myself in need of my own Mac. Using student loan money, I was able to afford my first Apple laptop for $1,799 (a PowerBook G4 12”). Using this amazing Mac laptop I was able to grow my small company all throughout college. By the time I had graduated, however, my PowerBook was already outdated and running so slow that I could hardly use it. I needed a faster Mac in order to grow my business, but I had insufficient funds and was drowning in my newfound student loan debt. No amount of drooling at the Apple Store could help me to afford the new MacBook Pro that I so badly needed.

The Frustration of Buying & Selling Used Macs

Eventually I had no choice but to look for a used Mac for the meager price I could afford. I found a what I thought was a good deal on a “gently used” MacBook Pro from Craigslist, Our Founder was scammed on Craislist and paid for it with the last of my cash. Days later, it completely stopped working. My new Mac was dead. The guy never responded. Our Founder was Scammed on eBayAfter a very costly repair, I sold it on eBay, only to find out that after shipping it off, the new buyer reversed his payment, and my bank account became negative. I was forced back to using my old PowerBook. In the end, trying to buy and sell gently-used Macs resulted in nothing but wasted time, lost money and a whole lot of stress. Staring at my old Powerbook, I thought to myself, there must be a better way to upgrade Apple products...

The Idea for CashForYourMac is Born

After first-hand experiences getting scammed trying to both sell and buy a used Mac, I became determined to create an easy-to-use website where other Apple fans could safely and securely sell and shop exclusively Apple products, Vintage CashForYourMac prototype websitewith fast and free shipping both ways, and a no-risk 100% satisfaction guarantee no matter what. After countless nights spent designing and coding, and launched, and rapid growth ensued. At last, Apple fans had a reliable, safe, and easy way to sell their old devices and upgrade to the newest Apple products on the market - without having to spend a fortune buying brand new, or risk getting scammed trying to sell their old devices. Fellow Mac fans no longer needed to leave home to easily upgrade their Mac computers.

The CashForYourMac Logo - Designed by Jeff

The Rest is History

Over the past 15 years CashForYourMac has honestly paid out millions of dollars to people all across America, and our team has worked diligently to earn our reputation as the safest, most reliable place to buy or sell Apple products online.
buy, sell, or trade-in Apple products.

Proudly the fastest, safest way to Sell Your Mac for the MOST cash.


Thank You for Supporting Small Business in America

The Team at CashForYourMacThank you for Supporting Small Business in America

I'd like to personally thank all of our loyal fans and customers who have supported us for all these years. As a small business, we truly appreciate your continued loyalty.
As we continue to grow, our company is able to create more great American jobs, and we couldn't do it without all the love from our customers. Many of our customers have become regulars who we know on a first name basis.
With each and every new customer, we at CashForYourMac pledge to deliver our very best service to you, so that you too can have a reliable source for all your Apple needs.
Yours Truly,

Jeff H., CashForYourMac Founder

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